Friday, February 15, 2008

oh dear-

So much for my hope of posting soon- I feel so lazy- but I had a PC issue and my whole post erased, and so I will need to re-write it and re-post it.... so a few more days and it should be posted.

On the bright side- I have now had this soup once, and it's leftovers once (and more tonight I am sure) and I must say- this is a good "keeper" dish. It can be put in the fridge and left there and it's flavor only blends better and better the longer it sits. And it will keep for about a week (maybe less, but I have had 6 day old left overs and it is still darn tasty)

Ok- I will post it soon :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Coming soon!

Well I finally have a new recipe that will be appearing. I am hoping to do the whole "Photoshop, write and post" stuff later today or by tomorrow night.

It is called "Super Chicken Corn Chowder". You can call it "Super" Chicken Corn Chowder, or "SuperChicken" Corn Chowder- how ever you like :) It is a pretty darn close match to CPK's "Adobe Chicken Corn Chowder". Since I eat it once a week, and make this soup a few times a month, it am getting pretty close to the "Zen" perfection that it should be. Even Mr. Superchicken said he cannot tell the difference between the 2.

It will be appearing soon!

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