Sunday, October 11, 2009

1 Week Cooking Challenge

Ok- After a Weight Watchers meeting about boredom, and how it is a bad thing for your lifestyle (boredom leads to deprivation feelings, which leads to cheating- which leads to my pants not fitting and so on) so I decided to give one of the new cookbooks a try.

It is called "Comfort Classics: 150 favorite home-style dishes", and the whole thing is full of the types of meals that I love. Warm, cheesey, and baked goodness- but with the recipes changed into healthy ways of eating. I challenged myself to make a whole week of dinners from the cookbook and then post them here for you all. If you are a WW follower, I will have the points on there for ya, and if not, feel free to add and change the recipes as you like, but I will let you know how they taste and you can decide if anything needs changing.

I will TRY to post every day, but I may have to double up on a few days and leave you hanging on other. (I will also let you know if\how much weight I lost this week- just for fun of course!) :)

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